Hip Hip Hooray Card Kit - New Card Making kit

Hip Hip Hooray! Make twenty beautiful cards for just 24,95 €/£17.95 with the new Hip Hip Hooray Card Kit from Stampin’ Up! This card kit is a perfect gift for a creative friend and yourself!

Here are some ideas of how to create your cards! Bring out your creativity today!

Contact me today to grab yours today!


Handmade Miniature Tree House - http://craftideas.bitchinrants.com/handmade-miniature-tree-house/ - #diy

Totally awesome crafting here


Handmade Miniature Tree House - http://craftideas.bitchinrants.com/handmade-miniature-tree-house/ - #diy

Totally awesome crafting here

Christmas is gone… New Year is gone - But CHINESE NEW YEAR is yet to come!

December to February are the busiest time of the year! First we have Christmas, then it’s New Year - within another month it will be Chinese New Year, and closely followed by Valentine’s Day.

With Chinese New Year coming soon (31st January 2014), it’s time to prepare the celebrations! Whilst all the Chinese people get together to celebrate the tradition and the children collect red pockets with money, I am preparing some Chinese New Year card for sale….

Red, Gold, Black are all the important colours in the Chinese culture - with character ‘fook’ and Koi fish symbolising for abundance of luck. This card brings all the best things you would wish for family and friends.

I used one of the Stampin’ Up punches - Mosaic Punch (item #131267) - to create this Chinese Lantern Card for CNY too!

So this month, the making of CNY and Valentine’s cards have all rolled into one.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like one of the cards or visit my shop. If you fancy making your own CNY card, email me today to host your own Stampin’ Up party.

Let’s think ahead to 2014!

I know Christmas is two sleeps away, but it is also time to start thinking about what is coming in the new year!

It’s Valentine’s Day!

Stampin’ Up brought out a new series of stamps and products to help you to make your own very special Valentine’s Day card and gifts for your loved one. It’s a chance for us to say “I love you.” And it doesn’t just have to be about romantic love. This holiday is a time to share the love with anyone and everyone. We’re here to help you prepare with the A Whole Lot of Love products.

Dates: Available 1 December –27 January or while supplies last.

The fine print: These are exclusive products that will not be available after the promotion. No limits on this promotion.

Contact me today to get a free demonstration or get the product that you want!

Decorating a Christmas Wreath!

I bought a blank wreath from a shop, then got some red and white stripy ribbon to tie a beautiful bow at the bottom.

Using green wires to tie to pine cones and acorns on the wreath, and finally we put on some small baubles on the leaves…. and ta da!

It was all done within half an hour! Then we use fishing wire to hang the wreath on the door.

Other than decorating a christmas tree, this is the next best thing to do.

learning how to make a fasinator

In October 2013, I was invited to a fancy wedding with a classy dress code. I really struggled to find a fascinator that went with my outfit, so I ended up buying a hat instead.

But I was highly obsessed with the idea of a fascinator, so I set myself a challenge to find one that would go with my dress. I found a course on how to hand make fascinators, and invited my sister-in-law (a fellow craft enthusiast) to come with me and we signed up for the class.

It was run by a professional milliner. and over 2 hours, she taught us the basic skills of making a fascinator. I highly recommend the class if you can’t find what you want in the shops. (www.missmillinery.com)

So this is what I made.

First ever Christmas/ Cards Stall

I had promised my colleagues months ago that I would run a card stall at the school christmas fair, and today the day finally came!

What an experience! I set up my stall half-heartedly; I’d never set up a stall before, and I had no idea how it would turn out. I had brought a patterned oil cloth with me to cover the table and help with presentation. Then I laid out all cards that I had made.

In my head, I thought I knew the prices of each card. And I was ready to roll….

Customers came and went, and I quickly discovered how unprepared I was. When customers browsed my cards, the cellophane packaging got stuck to the oil cloth. And when customers bought more than 2 cards, I started to get my prices muddled up!

Fortunately, I still sold some cards and learned a few things about setting up a store at fairs. Here are a few of the popular designs that I sold:

Next time, though, I will prepare a bit more before I start:

1) I need to have a price list or put price tags on the cards.
2) a different table cloth - cotton would probably be best
3) find a display rack for all the cards.
4) take a calculator!
5) have some kind of discount system for customers buying many cards

Fingers crossed, next time I will be amazing at running a stall… :) If you have any tips to share, drop me a line. I would love to hear all of it.

Personalised Christmas Cards - fittness inspired cards!

Not long ago, a personal trainer approached me about making some personalised christmas for her clients. She wanted the cards to be fitness inspired, and so I made up a design to show her.

She loved the design and ordered 30 cards with the design. I finally completed the 30 cards and here’s a sneak peak.

Running up to Christmas

What a busy weekend? I am working on Christmas cards orders right now.

Finally sent off my first batch of Christmas Card from Advocacy Business Consulting (Hong Kong)(THANK YOU!!!!) and other orders from Folksy.

Now working on the batch ordered by private Personal Trainer - Meisha - fitness inspired christmas cards! Stamps, stamps, stamps, sticks, sticks, sticks. Then I better get ready and make more cards for sale at The PACE Centre’s (Aylesbury) Christmas Fair on the 7th December!
So exciting!


It’s nearly the end of 2013! Stampin’ Up Sale-A-Bration is drawing close! Keep a close eye to upcoming post to make sure you don’t miss out on great offers!

The sales catalogue is coming out soon! :D

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